DivX Mobile Video Part 2: Casting With Media Server

If you’ve used the DivX Mobile app (You haven’t?! Why not? It’s free and it’s available for Android and iOS. Go get it!), you know that it’s simple to use. Even though it’s easy to understand, we still wanted to make some tutorial videos to help people get the most out of the app.

We started with a basic how-to-use-the-app video … like a first date. Yes it was just scratching the surface, yes it was awkward at first, but it let us both see if we wanted to take this further.

Now it’s time for the second date. Gone are the formalities of simple playback and casting, and now we get into the good stuff. Now we’re talking about using the DivX Media Server (free in DivX Software) to watch a video from your computer on your phone and casting a video from your computer to your TV.

We’ll skip the trailers and jump right into our second date … um, I mean, our second tutorial video.


Intro Video (Part 1):

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