DivX TV Coverage Roundup

UPDATE: Check out www.divxtv.com to find more information about DivX TV.

It has been an exciting couple of days since we announced DivX TV. We have been busy at CES giving demos, talking to the press and meeting with bloggers. Below are just a few of the articles covering DivX TV:

DivX unveils its new form as online video-to-TV enabler (via Engadget)

DivX and LG Prepare to Bring DivX TV to the Living Room (via Mashable)

DivX TV: Online Television, No Box Required [VIDEO] (via Mashable)

DivX Expands Parnership with LG (via PC Magazine)

CES: DivX launches new Internet TV platform (via Macworld)

DivX launches Internet TV platform (via Download Squad)

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